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Month: May 2016

Now that’s a pit!



We have a pit!!  (Honestly never thought I would say that with such enthusiasm and joy)  We can honestly say that we have officially broken ground for the house.  This pit resulted in three HUGE dirt piles that the kids have crawled over, slide down and constructed into all sorts of thrones.   They are more excited about these dirt piles than anything else.  I love their enthusiasm though not necessarily the dirt in the car (or the play room, the bathroom, the bedroom….)  🙂



What a view

There's magic there. cropped-IMG_20160422_152626127.jpg


This is one of my favorite views on our land.   At the end of this you might find a fort, some wood that’s drying, or an old target for archery practice.   My kids though, at the end they see magic.  They see fortresses to defend, treasure to find and adventures to be had.  I hope that never changes .

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