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August came and went

Hello all!  I know it’s been a long while since you’ve seen a new post here but rest assured, we have been working on the house.

August brought with it scorching temperatures (  Hot, like, Africa Hot) and rain.  Lots and lots of rain.  We were able to start pouring the concrete though, wahoo!   We wanted to be able to reuse the wood for the forms later on in the house some way.  Our goal with this bad boy is to have as little waste as possible.  However, how to keep the concrete from adhering onto the wooden forms and making them unusable?  Two words people:  Wax Paper.  Yes. you heard me right.  Wax.  Paper.  One night I was making chocolate oatmeal no-bake cookies and dropping these piles of heaven onto wax paper.  Jason saw that and had an “AHA!” moment.  So we bought out our local Walmart (sorry to anyone else who wanted to make those cookies that weekend and needed wax paper) and started lining the forms with the paper, stapling it onto the wood.


Guess what?  It worked!  My husband is a genius!


Next came the pouring and the playing.

We didn’t quite get all of it poured in August but we got quite a bit done.


Forms, Rebar and Mud…oh my!

After a week or so of on and off torrential rain, hot (Africa Hot) temperatures and humid, miserable days we have our forms done and in place.




The forms needed to be staked in place and then the whole thing needed to be level.  *Shew!!!*  That was an undertaking.


More rebar is needed because it turns out we need two 1/2 inch bars of rebar throughout the structure, not just one.  That’s fairly easy to remedy and we’re getting there!!  So incredibly proud of my husband – he’s the one doing most, if not all, of this!!




A boy and his rooster

I interrupt the regularly scheduled building post to bring you this: a boy and his rooster.  Even though the rooster, Thyme, had been handpicked at a few days old and hand raised by us he’s still very skittish.  The only person he’ll come up to and interact with is Jack.  I love to see the amazing bond they share.

There’s a hole in the field… now what?

Now the fun begins!  This was our memorial weekend:


Jason’s measuring out the placement of the forms to make sure we have everything where we need them.  Turns out we’ll have to move a pallet or two (more like three) of stuff.   :/


The kids wanted to use some of the tools and who are we to say no?  Note to self though: Tie back that hair in the future.


It’s getting there!  Some of the forms that will hold the concrete foundations.  We’re not pouring concrete in the middle of the them (thank goodness!)  We’ll be pouring in the trenches between them.  Thank you Jason for that clarification because I was starting to wig out a bit.


It did occur to us that neither one of us has ever poured concrete before (oops) so we decided to practice on this 8×8 slab that will, in the future, hopefully carry a grill or outside oven on it.  Good thing we did this.  We learned quite a bit of what to do and what not to do.

Now that’s a pit!



We have a pit!!  (Honestly never thought I would say that with such enthusiasm and joy)  We can honestly say that we have officially broken ground for the house.  This pit resulted in three HUGE dirt piles that the kids have crawled over, slide down and constructed into all sorts of thrones.   They are more excited about these dirt piles than anything else.  I love their enthusiasm though not necessarily the dirt in the car (or the play room, the bathroom, the bedroom….)  🙂



What a view

There's magic there. cropped-IMG_20160422_152626127.jpg


This is one of my favorite views on our land.   At the end of this you might find a fort, some wood that’s drying, or an old target for archery practice.   My kids though, at the end they see magic.  They see fortresses to defend, treasure to find and adventures to be had.  I hope that never changes .

Let the journey begin!

Well, it’s been a long time coming but it’s finally here!  We have a building permit and we’re about to start this crazy and exciting journey.  Jason, the kids and I are going to start building our home!  Are we contractors and experienced builders you ask.  Well, if you count the fort the boys built in the backyard that’s still standing then yes, we have experience.  (okay, they have experience)  So stay tuned… we’ll have lots of pictures, lots of “look what we did!” and probably lots of ” oh crap, look what we did”.

Hello world!

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