Now the fun begins!  This was our memorial weekend:


Jason’s measuring out the placement of the forms to make sure we have everything where we need them.  Turns out we’ll have to move a pallet or two (more like three) of stuff.   :/


The kids wanted to use some of the tools and who are we to say no?  Note to self though: Tie back that hair in the future.


It’s getting there!  Some of the forms that will hold the concrete foundations.  We’re not pouring concrete in the middle of the them (thank goodness!)  We’ll be pouring in the trenches between them.  Thank you Jason for that clarification because I was starting to wig out a bit.


It did occur to us that neither one of us has ever poured concrete before (oops) so we decided to practice on this 8×8 slab that will, in the future, hopefully carry a grill or outside oven on it.  Good thing we did this.  We learned quite a bit of what to do and what not to do.